Tongue Piercing: Week 1

Something I looked for a lot on the internet before getting my tongue pierced was a detailed day by day guide of what to expect. When it comes to piercings, I keep a close eye everyday during the healing process because despite following aftercare religiously, I am always looking out for infections and other problems. However, I couldn’t find what I was looking for so decided to make it myself! I understand that this may be a bit graphic for some people, but I wanted to give a detailed analysis of each day. Hopefully this will be something that people wanting to get their tongue pierced can use to decide whether it’s worth it or not, but please bear in mind that everyone is different and will react differently to a tongue piercing. I was very lucky with mine but that’s not to say I’ve been lazy with it either!

Day of piercing:
I actually feel so much better than I thought I was going to, the piercing itself was one of the worst I’ve ever had and it made my eyes water… Not something I’d ever want to go through again that’s for sure! However I took an ibroprofen before I went in so that seems to have kept swelling to a minimum. For the first hour or so I was dribbling a lot and had a lot of saliva in my mouth which was really uncomfortable. I can talk fine, I’m just struggling with making certain sounds. I’ve been taking ibroprofen and paracetamol in intervals to keep the swelling and pain down which has been really working. I just can’t eat anything but soup!

Day 1: 

Last night I slept with more pillows than I find comfortable because I’d read that overnight blood flows more freely so if your head is level with the rest of your body then your tongue will swell more. I’m so glad I did because my tongue was significantly more swollen this morning than it was when I went to sleep. I have the day off work today so I decided to see what I can and can’t eat. I tried porridge but it was too thick and needed too much effort on my part and the fruit smoothie/sorbet I made had too many pips in it to swallow comfortably. I ended up resorting to eating soup for all 3 meals. My dad took me to Sainsburys and I bought mash, jelly, ice pops and more soup! I couldn’t quite manage mash because it too thick, so I had even more soup for dinner tonight. I’m finding it easier to talk, but the bar feels uncomfortably long in my mouth so I’m scared to chew anything in case I accidentally bite it!!

Day 2:

Okay, I really hate this piercing today! Obviously I love the aesthetic, but I miss eating whatever I want whenever I want! I woke up this morning and as I do with every piercing I have, I went straight to my mirror to have a look at it. I stuck my tongue out to check around the holes and see if there was any swelling. I was happy with how it looked, but as soon as I put my tongue back in my mouth it began aching, so I think I’m going to have to be more careful with it in the morning! I couldn’t figure out what to eat before work so ended up smashing up a banana to line my stomach enough to take painkillers. By the end of today my mouth was aching from talking so much but I did manage to eat more today which was good. I just can’t wait to get this bar changed now!

Day 3: 

Today was similar to yesterday, nothing has changed! I still have an aching jaw now from all the talking I did today, but I found it much harder to eat solid food so resorted to soup for dinner. My dad and I are big fans of jelly so we had a midnight jelly snack which not only cools my tongue down but is easy to eat – a perfect treat right now! I noticed a white bump starting to form next to the top hole and started worrying, it looked like a white head you’d see on your face! However, after speaking to and sending pictures of it to my friend who is an oral surgery nurse, she assured me that it was something called “hang skin” and is completely normal. So I’m going to sleep well tonight knowing my tongue is in tip top condition!

Day 4:

Today was the worst pain I’ve felt since the actual piercing. My tongue felt like it was about a stone heavier and the size of Africa, but it hasn’t swelled at all! I think I took less painkillers today than I have so far so felt the worst of the aching. I was absolutely starving all day and so ordered a freezing cold banana honey smoothie whilst at work and it helped, to a certain extent. I felt much better, however, when I got to my friend Lauren’s house, because I attempted and succeeded at eating some chicken and potatoes – the first real food I’ve eaten in 5 days! I also had some cheese sticks (my secret vice) and chocolate buttons which I was over the moon about! Earlier, the bump I noticed yesterday had doubled in size to about the size of a lentil, but by this evening it had completely disappeared. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…!

Day 5: 

Although I woke up feeling less than excited to find that my tongue had swollen overnight (probably due to sleeping on a sofa with 3 other people and therefore tossing and turning a lot in the night), I actually found it a lot easier today to eat solid food, and managed to eat an entire McDonald’s which felt like a small victory! The only downsize is I noticed a bubble forming on the top next to the bar which I’ve read online is common but not ideal. I also only found out today that you shouldn’t drink coffee… Woops!!! I’m sure the bubble is nothing to worry about but I’m going to keep my eye on it anyway. I’m just worried about not being able to talk in my rehearsal tomorrow because I’m still struggling to make certain sounds. I’m much happier overall today though!

Day 6: 

Apart from the usual odd sensation for an hour or so after I woke up, today was a breeze! It was Easter Sunday today and my brother and mum made the most amazing roast and I was able to eat all of it with minimal discomfort! I have found, however that due to not having eaten much this week, I get full much quicker than I used to so didn’t come close to finishing my plate, but I know that’s only temporary. The bubble has disappeared but I’m keeping a close eye on it because it’s the last place I’d ever want to get an infection! My rehearsal was fine, I didn’t find it hard to speak at all, the only word I noticed I couldn’t quite pronounce was “nineteenth”… Which is probably a word I would have struggled with even without a swollen tongue!

Day 7: 

Week one is finally over! I can eat all foods with no problem now, apart from caramel which is annoying because I really fancy a boost bar. Sometimes my tongue will sting a little bit if I’m eating something salty or acidic but it’s bearable so I have put up with it. Today there was another weird hang skin situation going on but it comes and goes, I’ve found if I dab a cotton bud with neat mouthwash on it then it goes away quicker. The swelling doesn’t seem to have gone down but that might be to do with the fact I haven’t really given it any rest since about day 2 so I’ve probably prolonged the healing process, but again I don’t mind because I can still eat and talk properly with no problems. Finally starting to like this piercing, I’m just itching to change the bar!

So there you have it, my first week of healing a tongue piercing. Hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t find it too graphic…! I’ll be following this post up with week 2, but I doubt I will go into as much detail on each day.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! xxx

Review: Kiko Signature Eyeliner

I love eyeliner in every form and always want to try new eyeliners. I bought Kiko’s Signature Eyeliner during High School Musical show week on a whim – I was won over by how rich the colour was for a felt pen eyeliner. I’m going to compare it to my usual eyeliner regime by using the same base shadow. (Note: I took the pictures for this review before I had all my hair cut off and looking at them is making me so sad, my hair was so much easier to style back then!)

I love how this eyeliner looks when it’s swatched on skin that has no makeup on it, but I have a feeling that like most felt pen eyeliners it has a hard time staying pigmented when layered over eyeshadow – my all time pet hate. Here’s what it looks like swatched on my hand.  

Here’s my everyday face, it’s nothing fancy but I can do it quickly and find it easy to replicate everyday.    

For this face I used Kiko Unlimited Foundation, Collection Mosaic Bronzer, Savvy by DB eyebrow kit (which I bought in Australia), and my guilty pleasure, Claires neutral eyeshadow mini palette. I have recently become obsessed with winging out my eyeshadow to match my winged eyeliner, and I was especially proud of my eyebrows this day!

I applied the Kiko eyeliner on my left eye and tried my very hardest to make it look how my eyeliner usually looks – thick and even, winged into a sharp point. This is the result I got.  

I was happy with the shape, but was unimpressed with the point on the wing. Because of the shape of the pen, application is limited. I also don’t like not being able to top up the applicator with more makeup, hence why I prefer liquid eyeliner to felt pen. I don’t think this eyeliner is suitable for the kind of look that I usually go for. I’m also not a fan of the matte eyeliner look at all – I prefer my eyeliner to have a gloss to it as I think it makes the colour look richer.

For comparisons sake, here is my other eye, done with my usual eyeliner and technique.

 As you can see, this eye’s eyeliner is much glossier and has a deeper colour, and overall is a much sharper finish. This is the kind of eyeliner I prefer.

 Here’s both eyeliners side by side.

Overall I don’t love this eyeliner, I have used it a few times since then but usually as a base/guide for my liquid eyeliner, or if I can’t be bothered to spend lots of time on my eyeliner. I do find that it doesn’t stay put for very long and rubs off really easily. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this eyeliner to anyone, so I went over it with my normal eyeliner to match them up and called it a day! 

Thanks so much for reading, let me know if there’s any eyeliners you’d like me to review and share this around with your fellow winged eyeliner lovers if you enjoyed this post! xxxx

Fugitive Songs

At the moment, I’m absolutely obsessed with a new find of mine – Fugitive Songs by Nathan Tysen and Chris Miller. I found this album completely by accident when I went on a YouTube sidebar adventure! I don’t know much about this album because I haven’t done any research into it, but I am pretty sure it’s a concept album in a musical theatre genre. I don’t think it’s a concept musical or stand alone musical songs (like Scott Alan or Kerrigan-Lowdermilk’s songs). 

What I like about this album is although it is clearly in the musical theatre genre, it has a lot of folk influences and it reminds me a lot of musicals like Once and Bonnie & Clyde. There are some incredible harmonies and I can’t think of one song that I would skip if it came on. If you are a fan of Scott Alan, you will love this album!

The first song I listened to was Lost, the first song on the album. It is performed by Karen Olivo on the album but I listened to a live version of Barret Wilbert Weed singing it. She became one of my favourite performers after her performance in Heathers, and I love her version of Lost. This song is hilarious and would be so much fun to perform. This would be a great song to add to your rep if you are a mezzo who likes delivering comedy! 

Another favourite of mine is Wilson. I don’t know if anyone gets this reference, but the story of the song really reminds me of the first few episodes of season one of Lost?! I don’t know whether that’s because there’s a song called Lost on the album, or because of the references to having a gun or doing drugs, but Wilson seems to embody every Lost character in the moment where the dramatic music starts and they’ve been ganged up on! The harmonies in this song are off the chain, and I would love to get a group together to perform this song. 

Wildflowers is probably my favourite song on the album. The arrangement is stunning and would be an amazing duet for a mezzo and baritone – I’m currently trying to convince my favourite person to duet with to sing this song with me! It reminds me of the duets in Waitress (a musical which I will probably blog about at some point because I am OBSESSED with it). I love how it sounds like a love song but the lyrics seem to tell a different story. The harmonies are amazing in this song too and would be perfect for an open mic night or showcase. 

Finally, Break a Branch is another song with amazing harmonies and a stunning arrangement. Plus, who doesn’t love listening to Barret Wilbert Weed’s voice?! This would be amazing for a group to sing at a singing festival or showcase. 

Other songs of note are Lullaby, Reasons to Run and Shine. 

Check this album out, it’s on Spotify and YouTube and I can guarantee you’ll get hooked on it after listening to a few songs! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, share it with your fellow musical theatre fans and let me know what you think! xxxx

My Piercing Stories

Something I get asked on a near daily basis is “didn’t that piercing hurt?!”, which, I’m nearly always inclined to reply with a sigh and shake of my head. I’d say, out the 20 piercings I currently have, I can only remember a few of them hurting more than what I would consider “bearable” pain. I think I have a high pain threshold, because I have had piercings before that I genuinely didn’t feel, and some that stung a little more than that. I was going to rank the pain out of 10 but pain isn’t quantifiable so I think this will give a more detailed idea of what they felt like. They are listed in the order that I got them done.

1. Ear lobes
I pierce around 30 ear lobes a week at my work, and I get genuinely irritated at adults who ask me if it’s going to hurt, or make a big song and a dance about it. I completely sympathise with children because they have no point of reference and are generally more anxious than adults, but surely as an adult you must have some idea of what getting your ear lobes pierced must feel like?! I remember getting my ears pierced for the first time – my mum and dad told me I had to be 13 before I could get them pierced, but one day when I was 10, my mum randomly asked me if I wanted to get them pierced. Obviously I did so my mum booked me in to get them pierced the next day at the Brighton Claire’s Accessories store (which is where I currently work, funnily enough). I was so excited to get them pierced right up until the moment just before they lined up which is when I started crying out of fear and had to come back after I’d calmed down. When I finally let them pierce me, I said what most people say – “that wasn’t at all as bad as I thought”. I got my seconds done at a Claire’s in Chester when I was 16, and then my thirds done by a trainee piercer at work. All of my lobe piercings were done using a gun. I’d say lobe piercings hurt the least out of any piercing, they aren’t anywhere near as bad as an injection and they feel hot for a couple of hours after and then they feel fine.

2. Nose
I got my nose pierced on the day before my 16th birthday, after wanting it done for 10 years! I saw my sister get her nose pierced on her 19th birthday, when I was 6, and asked my mum for the next 5 years if I could get it done. She finally came to an agreement – I could get my nose pierced when I was 16 if I didn’t ask her again until then, which I obviously agreed to. I was so excited to get it done that my adrenaline kicked in and I didn’t actually feel it happen. I then got the same side pierced a year and a half later, and I think it was the most painful nose piercing I’ve had, but it wasn’t unbearable and stopped hurting after an hour or so. Most recently, I got my nose pierced at work by my manager, using a gun as opposed to a needle, and I’d say it was a more pleasant experience than using a needle because there is less faffing around after the area has been pierced. This is because the stud itself is used to pierce the area, so once it’s pierced, it’s done. Nose piercings sting a little and make your eyes water but aren’t at all unbearable and are easy to heal, as long as you follow the after care advice religiously!

3. Forward helix/tragus
I’ve combined these piercings as they are very similar. I’ve had my forward helix pierced twice as it was pulled out at a festival when I was 17 (and yes, that was JUST as painful as you’d imagine!). On the scale of painful piercings, these would probably come second as the least painful piercings I’ve had. They take a month or so to stop being crusty, but they don’t give me any grief now and I’ve had them both for about 2 or 3 years.

4. Belly
I’ve had my belly pierced twice because the first time it was off centre and really bugged me. I took it out for a week and got it repierced, and now I’d say it’s probably my favourite piercing and the only one I know I’d never take out because I can’t imagine myself without it! It was such an easy piercing to get, a very straightforward healing process and it’s one of the only piercings I have that I can change and play with and knock it without it hurting in the slightest – some of my ear piercings still get a little tender when I change them. Despite saying all this, I have heard countless belly piercing horror stories, so maybe I was just lucky that mine didn’t hurt or get infected!

5. Septum
I got my septum pierced on my 18th birthday and it’s always been one of my img_1763favourite piercings! I think it makes me look so much older and it’s another piercing I can’t imagine myself without now. I absolutely love the position of my septum piercing – this is my own preference, but I don’t like it when it’s been pierced low and so the jewellery hangs low. Mine is pierced in the fleshy bit right up between my nostrils, above where the thick cartilage is. Until very recently I always wore a horseshoe ring in my septum but I bought a crescent ring at work and loved it! Because it’s so easy for me to hide my septum piercing, I doubt I’ll ever take it out for good. A septum piercing hurts less than a nose piercing but makes your eyes water just the same.

6. Nipple
To this day, I have never experienced anything as painful as getting my nipple pierced. I have often said that I will encourage anyone to get any piercing they want, regardless of the pain… But I would never encourage someone to get their nipple pierced because it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced! It’s such a shame as well because I only have one done and I would love to have both, I just know I could never go through the piercing or healing process again. It took a good 6 months to heal and during that time I caught it twice and have never come so close to vomiting out of pain before! I love it now though, but it still isn’t worth the pain I went through to get it!

7. Conch
I got my conch pierced a year and a half ago and although the first few weeks were hell, I absolutely love it. The bar in my conch is a lot thicker than any of my other ear piercings which is why it took longer to heal, but now it has healed it’s a dream! Getting my conch pierced hurt about as much as any other ear piercing. I get asked a lot if I can still wear headphones – of course I can, just be careful putting them in for the first few weeks! The only thing I didn’t like about my conch at first was that I got a black barbell when I got it pierced. I now have a thick long gold labaret bar in it and I think it looks really cute!

8. Lip
After not being able to get a new piercing for about 6 months because of being in shows, I got the middle of my bottom lip pierced last summer. I had wanted it done for years but never got it done because my not wanting a scar out weighed my wanting a lip piercing. I since realised that I’m going to be covered in tiny scars if I ever take all my piercings out anyway, and the lip scars I’ve seen haven’t actually been that bad. Getting my lip pierced was close to painless, the only bit that stung was when the piercer put the jewellery in. I did however, go out clubbing that night which I do not recommend because I woke up the next day with the fattest lip I’ve ever seen! My lip took about 2 weeks to look normal on the outside and about 2 months to heal completely. I changed the bar myself after a month because I was catching my bottom teeth on my original bar because it was so long. I now absolutely love it and don’t ever want to take it out!

9. Cartilage
I had my helix pierced a couple of years ago and it’s the only piercing I’ve ever taken out for good. It was driving me crazy because it refused to heal nicely, would really hurt whenever I knocked it and was developing a keloid which I was adamant not to have so I took it out after a few months. At the end of last year I got the top of my cartilage pierced at work and then again underneath it a few months ago. Although I love them and think they’re cute, they are a bit of a pain to heal and are the only piercings I have that still give me grief from time to time, but only when they are knocked quite hard. Other than that, I think they’re straightforward to get pierced and don’t hurt too much, I prefer getting my cartilage pierced with a gun than to a needle because like I said before, it’s less faff and so much quicker.

10. Eyebrow
I got my eyebrow pierced late last November and have loved every second of having it. The piercing itself was barely painful, but for the first week or so I had a bad bruise which made me look like I’d been punched in the face (which of course I secretly loved and made me feel really bad ass all week!) It is still healing, and the only thing I’d say that is a downside to this piercing is that it’s hard to put and take off makeup in the first few months… But you do become a pro at tweezing eyebrows!

10. Tongue
I got my tongue pierced this week and besides nipple, it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt! I’m going to write a blog post about day to day healing because tongue piercings are completely different to every other piercing I’ve ever had and seeing as I’m currently going through the healing process right now I may as well take advantage!

Hope this wasn’t too long and hopefully you learnt something or have been inspired to get a new piercing! Let me know what piercings you have and your experiences, I’d love to hear them! xxxx

Being Sharpay

As some of you may know, at the end of February I played Sharpay in Apollo Production’s youth production of High School Musical On Stage. Needless to say it was an absolute dream come true and an experience I’ll never forget.

I auditioned last July, the day after closing night of a production of Hairspray I was in. At the time, I was in a show with the director of High School Musical, as well as the girls who ended up playing Gabriella and Taylor, and the guy who played Coach Bolton. I was over the moon because I got to audition with my best friend and surrogate little brother Jimmy, which was already a dream come true. We’ve compared ourselves to Sharpay and Ryan for the 3 years we’ve known each other and just getting to do one song and one scene together was amazing! We then got cast a few weeks after a recall, and to this day, I still can’t believe we were given that opportunity.

The rehearsal period was obviously hilarious, stressful and full of memories I’ll never forget. I got to spend time with my two best friends, Georgia (the brightoner) who played Gabriella, and Jimmy, as well as making friends with a huge group of people that I’d never met before. As with every show, you end up becoming so close to every cast member and this show was no exception. I particularly enjoy blocking rehearsals, so whenever I knew I was doing a scene with Jimmy or Georgia I was incredibly excited!

 I think the moment I felt most intergrated into the cast was when we performed in a fundraiser concert at the venue where we were going to do High School Musical. We were only in one song and the finale so we had loads of time to mess around in the dressing rooms and get closer. This was also the first time we’d all been in costume, even if they weren’t the ones we ended up wearing, but it was super exciting to see all the boys and girls in their basketball kits and cheerleader outfits!

Show week was obviously the highlight. Despite being absolutely knackered because I had to work during the day, it was a dream from beginning to end. I have certain pre show rituals that I’ve been doing for a while, so I always like turning up nice and early, hours before the usual call time, because rushing to get ready for a show is, in my eyes, a really bad omen! I’m not a very superstitious person but I care so much about having a good show that I daren’t risk not following my routine just in case it means I have a bad show!

My favourite part of getting ready for each show was surprisingly enough, putting my wig
on. I loved how much it transformed me from my normal self with fairly normal makeup for me, into a completely different person. I personally think it made me look a lot like my older sister, because she is also an actor and has written her own cabaret show where she plays Adele. In the show, she wears a ginger wig, and I think my Sharpay wig was the same only straight and blonde! I created a timelapse of me putting on my wig on my Instagram, so go check that out.

As I’ve already mentioned, Georgia played Gabriella, which meant that we got to share a dressing room. She is absolutely incredible at doing makeup, both her own and other peoples, so instead of doing my level best at makeup (which isn’t bad, but needs improvement), Georgia offered to do my eyeshadow and eyebrows for me every night. She is the opposite of me and likes to turn up to the theatre with hair and makeup already done and so she could take her time doing this. I tried to get a good picture of my eyeshadow each night but the lighting wasn’t the best in our dressing room so you’ll just have to take my word for it!
My favourite scene was one that isn’t in the film, where Sharpay and Ryan are rehearsing for their call back and they have an argument. There was one moment where Ryan tells Troy where to find Gabriella and when Jimmy turned around to face me, smiling, he saw a face like thunder. We are such a silly pair in real life and for the rest of the show that for both of us to keep a straight face and not laugh was near impossible for months! We ended up having to run our lines again and again until we got used to keeping a straight face, and of course, by show week, we could nail it every night.

There were so many fun things that happened both backstage and onstage every night, but I’m planning on writing a blog post about this at a later date.

It was definitely a show I’ll never forget, and one I am so so so grateful to be part of. Like I’ve mentioned hundreds of times, just to play Sharpay and Ryan with Jimmy made it all worth it for me!

A massive thank you is due to the lovely Katy Markey, director of High School Musical and company director for Apollo Productions – how she managed to direct the show, whilst running a theatre company, with 2 other shows on the go, be a full time mum and teacher AND put up with mine and Jimmy’s antics for 6 months I will NEVER know!

And of course, thank you so much to the rest of the cast for making it a completely unforgettable experience. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!


Top 5 Dream Roles

This list is subject to change because I’m always finding new musicals and therefore finding new roles that I want to play! But here are my top 5 dream roles as of the present moment…

     5. Mrs Lovett – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

This has been on my top 5 list for as long as I can remember because not only is playing a psychopathic pie maker a lot of fun, but Mrs Lovett is quite vocally challenging, and I enjoy being challenged in a show! I’m a massive Sondheim fan and I think Sweeney Todd is some of his finest work. I adore that there is a huge ensemble in Sweeney, and of course I love all of the clever lyrics (my personal favourite is “a shepherd’s pie peppered with actual shepherd on top”!). I’m currently preparing By The Sea for my Musical Theatre Diploma exam and it’s one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to sing because if you don’t breathe in the right place, you don’t get the chance to breathe again for a good 8 bars or so! She’s such a fun character and I’d never pass up the opportunity to be dark and gothic!

     4. Veronica Sawyer – Heathers

I only found Heathers last year, and within seconds of listening to Candy Store I knew it was going to climb its way into my top 10 favourite musicals. Veronica is such a great role – she’s a bit like me in that she doesn’t fit in and is very direct and fairly sassy! I got the chance to duet Seventeen at a musical theatre open mic night with my dear friend Conor a few weeks back, and although it was hard to sing, it was so much fun and I wish my phone microphone wasn’t broken because I wouldn’t mind listening to it. I’d have to whip my voice into shape to play Veronica because it is a very vocally demanding show (listen to Dead Girl Walking Reprise to get a good idea of how challenging it can be!) but she’s such a hilarious role and when played well, can really steal the show.

      3. Lucille Frank – Parade

Lucille is a cracking role and I’ve only recently realised how much I want to be cast as her. I’ve loved Parade since I was about 13 or so, but a couple of years ago You Don’t Know This Man came on shuffle and I fell in love with it. It’s only 2 minutes long, but it made a massive impact on me because it’s such a beautiful song with such powerful lyrics. I love Lucille’s journey in the show – she goes from being someone’s “little wife” in act 1, to fighting against the system to save her husband’s life. My favourite scene is when Lucille visits Leo in jail and she helps him forget his situation and they pretend together that they are having a sweet picnic in the country. Lucille is another very vocally demanding role, but like I’ve already said, I love a challenge!

      2. Rose – Dogfight

I was introduced to Dogfight at the end of last year and it very quickly overtook Last 5 Years as my all time favourite musical. There’s not a song in the show that I don’t love, and there’s nothing I love to do more than belt out the title song Dogfight as loud as I can when I’m home alone! At the time of writing this, I just this morning auditioned for a drama school and Before It’s Over was the song I chose to audition with. It’s one of my favourite songs to sing because of it’s stunning melody and beautiful lyrics. I used to think that Rose’s songs were too high for me, but actually they are placed in a very comfortable range for me which is surprising considering I used to think I was an alto! She’s such an interesting character because although Eddie really hurts her in act 1, during the second act she doesn’t let him push her around anymore. She is a really admirable character and would be so much fun to play.

  1. Cathy – Last 5 Years

I think my all time dream role is Cathy from the Last 5 Years. I was introduced to this musical by my brother, who gave me his old iPod when I was 13, with all of his existing music on it. He exposed to me to countless musicals that I’d never heard of before, and so I owe my expansive theatrical knowledge to him! I think Cathy will always be my dream role because I can’t think of any other role that I’d be as devastated about if I didn’t get it. The Last 5 Years is a very unusual musical because of the way it has been written – Cathy’s storyline is in reverse chronological order, and Jamie’s is in chronological order. Their timelines intersect at the end of act 1 during their wedding, which is the only time they interact. I love Cathy’s story, she is trying to balance love, work and a long distance relationship, all whilst singing some crazy high notes! Cathy is probably the most vocally challenging role on this list, but she has the best songs – I sang Summer in Ohio for my Grade 8 singing exam last year and had so much fun playing with my staging for it, and have decided to sing Climbing Uphill for my Diploma this year, because I’ll never pass up the chance to sing some Last 5 Years!


So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this post and share it around if you liked it!




Firstly, thank you so much for actually taking the time to have a look at my little blog – I’m completely new to this so I’m not really sure how it’s gonna go, but I’m sure as I get used to it my posts will get better so please bear with me while I figure it all out!

I was going to start a blog after my friend Hannah suggested that I review eyeliners, as I am an eyeliner fanatic and I’ve found that in the past I’ve been asked what eyeliner I use, how I apply it and how I perfected the coveted eyeliner wing! However after chatting to my best friend Georgia (who has her own blog here: she encouraged me to write about more than just eyeliner, as I have a lot of passions, eyeliner being just one of them.

Thus, my blog was created! As crazy as it sounds, the things I love most are musicals, piercings and tattoos, so these are the things I will be focusing on the most, as well as eyeliner reviews.

So bear with me, I’m sure no one will be completely interested in every aspect of my blog but I hope there will be something out there for everyone!

I’ll hopefully have my next post up in the next couple of days, thank you for reading! xxxx