Tongue Piercing: Week 1

Something I looked for a lot on the internet before getting my tongue pierced was a detailed day by day guide of what to expect. When it comes to piercings, I keep a close eye everyday during the healing process because despite following aftercare religiously, I am always looking out for infections and other problems. However, I couldn’t find what I was looking for so decided to make it myself! I understand that this may be a bit graphic for some people, but I wanted to give a detailed analysis of each day. Hopefully this will be something that people wanting to get their tongue pierced can use to decide whether it’s worth it or not, but please bear in mind that everyone is different and will react differently to a tongue piercing. I was very lucky with mine but that’s not to say I’ve been lazy with it either!

Day of piercing:
I actually feel so much better than I thought I was going to, the piercing itself was one of the worst I’ve ever had and it made my eyes water… Not something I’d ever want to go through again that’s for sure! However I took an ibroprofen before I went in so that seems to have kept swelling to a minimum. For the first hour or so I was dribbling a lot and had a lot of saliva in my mouth which was really uncomfortable. I can talk fine, I’m just struggling with making certain sounds. I’ve been taking ibroprofen and paracetamol in intervals to keep the swelling and pain down which has been really working. I just can’t eat anything but soup!

Day 1: 

Last night I slept with more pillows than I find comfortable because I’d read that overnight blood flows more freely so if your head is level with the rest of your body then your tongue will swell more. I’m so glad I did because my tongue was significantly more swollen this morning than it was when I went to sleep. I have the day off work today so I decided to see what I can and can’t eat. I tried porridge but it was too thick and needed too much effort on my part and the fruit smoothie/sorbet I made had too many pips in it to swallow comfortably. I ended up resorting to eating soup for all 3 meals. My dad took me to Sainsburys and I bought mash, jelly, ice pops and more soup! I couldn’t quite manage mash because it too thick, so I had even more soup for dinner tonight. I’m finding it easier to talk, but the bar feels uncomfortably long in my mouth so I’m scared to chew anything in case I accidentally bite it!!

Day 2:

Okay, I really hate this piercing today! Obviously I love the aesthetic, but I miss eating whatever I want whenever I want! I woke up this morning and as I do with every piercing I have, I went straight to my mirror to have a look at it. I stuck my tongue out to check around the holes and see if there was any swelling. I was happy with how it looked, but as soon as I put my tongue back in my mouth it began aching, so I think I’m going to have to be more careful with it in the morning! I couldn’t figure out what to eat before work so ended up smashing up a banana to line my stomach enough to take painkillers. By the end of today my mouth was aching from talking so much but I did manage to eat more today which was good. I just can’t wait to get this bar changed now!

Day 3: 

Today was similar to yesterday, nothing has changed! I still have an aching jaw now from all the talking I did today, but I found it much harder to eat solid food so resorted to soup for dinner. My dad and I are big fans of jelly so we had a midnight jelly snack which not only cools my tongue down but is easy to eat – a perfect treat right now! I noticed a white bump starting to form next to the top hole and started worrying, it looked like a white head you’d see on your face! However, after speaking to and sending pictures of it to my friend who is an oral surgery nurse, she assured me that it was something called “hang skin” and is completely normal. So I’m going to sleep well tonight knowing my tongue is in tip top condition!

Day 4:

Today was the worst pain I’ve felt since the actual piercing. My tongue felt like it was about a stone heavier and the size of Africa, but it hasn’t swelled at all! I think I took less painkillers today than I have so far so felt the worst of the aching. I was absolutely starving all day and so ordered a freezing cold banana honey smoothie whilst at work and it helped, to a certain extent. I felt much better, however, when I got to my friend Lauren’s house, because I attempted and succeeded at eating some chicken and potatoes – the first real food I’ve eaten in 5 days! I also had some cheese sticks (my secret vice) and chocolate buttons which I was over the moon about! Earlier, the bump I noticed yesterday had doubled in size to about the size of a lentil, but by this evening it had completely disappeared. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…!

Day 5: 

Although I woke up feeling less than excited to find that my tongue had swollen overnight (probably due to sleeping on a sofa with 3 other people and therefore tossing and turning a lot in the night), I actually found it a lot easier today to eat solid food, and managed to eat an entire McDonald’s which felt like a small victory! The only downsize is I noticed a bubble forming on the top next to the bar which I’ve read online is common but not ideal. I also only found out today that you shouldn’t drink coffee… Woops!!! I’m sure the bubble is nothing to worry about but I’m going to keep my eye on it anyway. I’m just worried about not being able to talk in my rehearsal tomorrow because I’m still struggling to make certain sounds. I’m much happier overall today though!

Day 6: 

Apart from the usual odd sensation for an hour or so after I woke up, today was a breeze! It was Easter Sunday today and my brother and mum made the most amazing roast and I was able to eat all of it with minimal discomfort! I have found, however that due to not having eaten much this week, I get full much quicker than I used to so didn’t come close to finishing my plate, but I know that’s only temporary. The bubble has disappeared but I’m keeping a close eye on it because it’s the last place I’d ever want to get an infection! My rehearsal was fine, I didn’t find it hard to speak at all, the only word I noticed I couldn’t quite pronounce was “nineteenth”… Which is probably a word I would have struggled with even without a swollen tongue!

Day 7: 

Week one is finally over! I can eat all foods with no problem now, apart from caramel which is annoying because I really fancy a boost bar. Sometimes my tongue will sting a little bit if I’m eating something salty or acidic but it’s bearable so I have put up with it. Today there was another weird hang skin situation going on but it comes and goes, I’ve found if I dab a cotton bud with neat mouthwash on it then it goes away quicker. The swelling doesn’t seem to have gone down but that might be to do with the fact I haven’t really given it any rest since about day 2 so I’ve probably prolonged the healing process, but again I don’t mind because I can still eat and talk properly with no problems. Finally starting to like this piercing, I’m just itching to change the bar!

So there you have it, my first week of healing a tongue piercing. Hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t find it too graphic…! I’ll be following this post up with week 2, but I doubt I will go into as much detail on each day.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! xxx

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