Birthday Treats

It was my mum’s birthday last week and I got the entire day off work which was lovely. We had such a great day in Brighton and I wanted to share the day with you all!

IMG_2616We started the day by going out for breakfast. In Brighton, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to breakfast because there are some amazing places to get it. We wanted to go to a place called Silo which is in the Lanes, but for some bizarre reason they don’t serve breakfast until 10am there?! Unfortunately, we were on a time limit so we decided to try Silo out another day.

We walked downProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset a little farther and went to a family favourite: Bill’s. You can always depend on Bill’s to deliver a great meal and experience and they did not disappoint! I got a standard Bill’s Breakfast with extra baked beans and hash browns. Very yummy!

We went back to my parents’ house and my niece, nephew and sister in law came over for birthday cake and presents. It was a lot of fun playing and messing around with the two kids, but my nephew got a bit tired so my sister took him home.

My mum offered to look after my niece for the afternoon, and because it was such a nice day we wanted to take her out somewhere nice. We decided to take her to Steyning, which is a small village in West Sussex.

The coffee shop was, as always, absolutely lovely and because it was such a sunny warm day, it was the first time this year that I’ve gone out without a coat! We had some afternoon tea in the world’s sweetest coffee shop, had a wander around some charity shops and then found ourselves in a little alley way of shops that felt like something out of Hobbiton!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

When we got home, I settled down in front of the TV and wrote a blog post about Temple Spa (which you can find here). I had a couple of hours of down time before we were due to go out for dinner but as always, I managed to laze around and then end up rushing to get ready! Because of this, I wasn’t that happy with my makeup or hair, but I loved my outfit because I kind of looked like an extra from The Breakfast Club or Heathers!

I did a really standard face for dinner, nothing special at all because I didn’t have enough time. Products used: From Rimmel, I used Fix & Perfect primer, Match Perfection Processed with VSCO with f2 presetfoundation, Glam Eyes eyeliner, Scandaleyes mascara, Wake Me Up concealer and Kate Moss lipstick in shade 48. (I didn’t realise until just now how much Rimmel makeup I own and use everyday!) I also used Collection Mosaic bronzer, Essence All About Bronze eyeshadow palette, Savvy eyebrow kit, Essence Soo Glow! highlighter. I set my makeup with Superdrug Vitamin E Refreshing Tone Mist.

I didn’t feel like straightening or curling my hair so I just put it up in a pony tail, but wanted it to be a bit different from my everyday hairstyle so tied some black lace in a bow around the hairband.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetI hadn’t felt well all day so wanted to wear something comfy but still special so went for an old favourite of mine, my black velvet jumpsuit from Topshop that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I paired this with a super old belt from Urban Outfitters, my denim jacket from Topshop, a sweet clutch/shoulder bag from H&M and instead of heels, I went for my lemon yellow Nike Blazers.

For dinner we went to a popular Brighton restaurant called Chilli Pickle. I’m not crazy about Indian food but it was an absolutely lovely meal. The staff are all very friendly and really know what they’re talking about.

I ordered a peach bellini because I love cocktails with champagne or prosecco in and it was absolutely gorgeous. To start, I got a vegetable samosa topped with chutney and yogurt and pomegranate seeds. My dad and I swapped starters half way through because his duck dumplings were especially yummy and mine was a little bit too spicy for me.

For my main course, I got a seafood green curry. I was a little apprehensive about it because I really can’t handle spice, but it was mild enough for me and was delicious. It reminded me a bit of a Thai green curry. I couldn’t quite deal with the clams in it though… There’s something about food that arrives in a shell that I really can’t be involved in! If you like Indian food, I can’t recommend the Chilli Pickle enough, it’s got a lovely atmosphere and is fairly cheap considering how good the food is.

So, after a long day we all called it a night and went home. My mum had a lovely day and I think a lot of it was down to how much Brighton has to offer for a special day.

If you liked this post and would like to read more personal blog posts please comment below to let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, as always share it around if you enjoyed it!


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