Retiring My Piercings

As you can probably tell from the title, I’ve started to retire some of my piercings!

This came about because I’ve been wanting to take my eyebrow piercing out for some months now, and finally did it a couple of weeks ago. I am currently working as a Junior Makeup Artist on a touring production of Frankenstein, and so my hands are more often than not covered in purple, brown and green face paint. I think my body has developed an aversion to cheaper metals because recently, my piercings have been reacting badly to stainless steel in particular. My eyebrow piercing had started to give me a bit of grief for putting a stainless steel bar in it during the second week of the show and every time I itched it, I’d end up having a big makeup smudge on my face! In the end, I decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle and removed it there and then at the theatre. (My theatre mum Patti was particularly pleased about it!)

After the hole had healed over and completely closed, I realised just how distracting of a piercing it had been. I don’t think it suited me as much as it does for some people, and I liked having it, but I think I look better without it. I’m especially pleased that I can actually shape my eyebrows properly now too!

Taking out my eyebrow piercing inspired me to get over my fear of retiring some of the piercings I have that I’m not in love with. I took out the studs in my third lobe piercings a week later, mostly because I couldn’t really see the point in them anymore. I never wear anything special in them, and the studs I had were 4mm balls which are too big in my opinion. I think they distracted too much from my tunnels, which are probably my favourite jewellery in my ears.

Finally, the night before I left for my holiday, I decided to take the plunge and take out another piercing: my second nose ring. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that I had 3 nostril piercings, two on my right nostril and one on my left. I took out one of the rings on my right nostril to see what I’d look like, and I realised that my face was completely symmetrical without it, so I didn’t bother putting it back in!

I’m still getting used to not having so many piercings, but I finally agree with what people have told me before: less is more. I don’t regret a single one of my piercings, but as I’m not a teenager anymore I think it’s about time I start looking like an adult! I know that in a years time if I get into drama school, I’ll most likely be asked to take them out anyway so I may as well do it now because I want to and not because I’ve been told to.

I probably won’t take out anymore in the meantime because I love the rest of my piercings, but I’ll keep you all updated! I think the next body mod to go will sadly be my ear tunnels, as my skin coloured plugs are too obvious on stage and I can’t be bothered with the faff!

Let me know what your experiences of retiring piercings has been like!


RIP Eyebrow Piercing: Nov 2015 – August 2016