Review: Kiko Signature Eyeliner

I love eyeliner in every form and always want to try new eyeliners. I bought Kiko’s Signature Eyeliner during High School Musical show week on a whim – I was won over by how rich the colour was for a felt pen eyeliner. I’m going to compare it to my usual eyeliner regime by using the same base shadow. (Note: I took the pictures for this review before I had all my hair cut off and looking at them is making me so sad, my hair was so much easier to style back then!)

I love how this eyeliner looks when it’s swatched on skin that has no makeup on it, but I have a feeling that like most felt pen eyeliners it has a hard time staying pigmented when layered over eyeshadow – my all time pet hate. Here’s what it looks like swatched on my hand.  

Here’s my everyday face, it’s nothing fancy but I can do it quickly and find it easy to replicate everyday.    

For this face I used Kiko Unlimited Foundation, Collection Mosaic Bronzer, Savvy by DB eyebrow kit (which I bought in Australia), and my guilty pleasure, Claires neutral eyeshadow mini palette. I have recently become obsessed with winging out my eyeshadow to match my winged eyeliner, and I was especially proud of my eyebrows this day!

I applied the Kiko eyeliner on my left eye and tried my very hardest to make it look how my eyeliner usually looks – thick and even, winged into a sharp point. This is the result I got.  

I was happy with the shape, but was unimpressed with the point on the wing. Because of the shape of the pen, application is limited. I also don’t like not being able to top up the applicator with more makeup, hence why I prefer liquid eyeliner to felt pen. I don’t think this eyeliner is suitable for the kind of look that I usually go for. I’m also not a fan of the matte eyeliner look at all – I prefer my eyeliner to have a gloss to it as I think it makes the colour look richer.

For comparisons sake, here is my other eye, done with my usual eyeliner and technique.

 As you can see, this eye’s eyeliner is much glossier and has a deeper colour, and overall is a much sharper finish. This is the kind of eyeliner I prefer.

 Here’s both eyeliners side by side.

Overall I don’t love this eyeliner, I have used it a few times since then but usually as a base/guide for my liquid eyeliner, or if I can’t be bothered to spend lots of time on my eyeliner. I do find that it doesn’t stay put for very long and rubs off really easily. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this eyeliner to anyone, so I went over it with my normal eyeliner to match them up and called it a day! 

Thanks so much for reading, let me know if there’s any eyeliners you’d like me to review and share this around with your fellow winged eyeliner lovers if you enjoyed this post! xxxx