Fugitive Songs

At the moment, I’m absolutely obsessed with a new find of mine – Fugitive Songs by Nathan Tysen and Chris Miller. I found this album completely by accident when I went on a YouTube sidebar adventure! I don’t know much about this album because I haven’t done any research into it, but I am pretty sure it’s a concept album in a musical theatre genre. I don’t think it’s a concept musical or stand alone musical songs (like Scott Alan or Kerrigan-Lowdermilk’s songs). 

What I like about this album is although it is clearly in the musical theatre genre, it has a lot of folk influences and it reminds me a lot of musicals like Once and Bonnie & Clyde. There are some incredible harmonies and I can’t think of one song that I would skip if it came on. If you are a fan of Scott Alan, you will love this album!

The first song I listened to was Lost, the first song on the album. It is performed by Karen Olivo on the album but I listened to a live version of Barret Wilbert Weed singing it. She became one of my favourite performers after her performance in Heathers, and I love her version of Lost. This song is hilarious and would be so much fun to perform. This would be a great song to add to your rep if you are a mezzo who likes delivering comedy! 

Another favourite of mine is Wilson. I don’t know if anyone gets this reference, but the story of the song really reminds me of the first few episodes of season one of Lost?! I don’t know whether that’s because there’s a song called Lost on the album, or because of the references to having a gun or doing drugs, but Wilson seems to embody every Lost character in the moment where the dramatic music starts and they’ve been ganged up on! The harmonies in this song are off the chain, and I would love to get a group together to perform this song. 

Wildflowers is probably my favourite song on the album. The arrangement is stunning and would be an amazing duet for a mezzo and baritone – I’m currently trying to convince my favourite person to duet with to sing this song with me! It reminds me of the duets in Waitress (a musical which I will probably blog about at some point because I am OBSESSED with it). I love how it sounds like a love song but the lyrics seem to tell a different story. The harmonies are amazing in this song too and would be perfect for an open mic night or showcase. 

Finally, Break a Branch is another song with amazing harmonies and a stunning arrangement. Plus, who doesn’t love listening to Barret Wilbert Weed’s voice?! This would be amazing for a group to sing at a singing festival or showcase. 

Other songs of note are Lullaby, Reasons to Run and Shine. 

Check this album out, it’s on Spotify and YouTube and I can guarantee you’ll get hooked on it after listening to a few songs! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, share it with your fellow musical theatre fans and let me know what you think! xxxx

Top 5 Dream Roles

This list is subject to change because I’m always finding new musicals and therefore finding new roles that I want to play! But here are my top 5 dream roles as of the present moment…

     5. Mrs Lovett – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

This has been on my top 5 list for as long as I can remember because not only is playing a psychopathic pie maker a lot of fun, but Mrs Lovett is quite vocally challenging, and I enjoy being challenged in a show! I’m a massive Sondheim fan and I think Sweeney Todd is some of his finest work. I adore that there is a huge ensemble in Sweeney, and of course I love all of the clever lyrics (my personal favourite is “a shepherd’s pie peppered with actual shepherd on top”!). I’m currently preparing By The Sea for my Musical Theatre Diploma exam and it’s one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to sing because if you don’t breathe in the right place, you don’t get the chance to breathe again for a good 8 bars or so! She’s such a fun character and I’d never pass up the opportunity to be dark and gothic!

     4. Veronica Sawyer – Heathers

I only found Heathers last year, and within seconds of listening to Candy Store I knew it was going to climb its way into my top 10 favourite musicals. Veronica is such a great role – she’s a bit like me in that she doesn’t fit in and is very direct and fairly sassy! I got the chance to duet Seventeen at a musical theatre open mic night with my dear friend Conor a few weeks back, and although it was hard to sing, it was so much fun and I wish my phone microphone wasn’t broken because I wouldn’t mind listening to it. I’d have to whip my voice into shape to play Veronica because it is a very vocally demanding show (listen to Dead Girl Walking Reprise to get a good idea of how challenging it can be!) but she’s such a hilarious role and when played well, can really steal the show.

      3. Lucille Frank – Parade

Lucille is a cracking role and I’ve only recently realised how much I want to be cast as her. I’ve loved Parade since I was about 13 or so, but a couple of years ago You Don’t Know This Man came on shuffle and I fell in love with it. It’s only 2 minutes long, but it made a massive impact on me because it’s such a beautiful song with such powerful lyrics. I love Lucille’s journey in the show – she goes from being someone’s “little wife” in act 1, to fighting against the system to save her husband’s life. My favourite scene is when Lucille visits Leo in jail and she helps him forget his situation and they pretend together that they are having a sweet picnic in the country. Lucille is another very vocally demanding role, but like I’ve already said, I love a challenge!

      2. Rose – Dogfight

I was introduced to Dogfight at the end of last year and it very quickly overtook Last 5 Years as my all time favourite musical. There’s not a song in the show that I don’t love, and there’s nothing I love to do more than belt out the title song Dogfight as loud as I can when I’m home alone! At the time of writing this, I just this morning auditioned for a drama school and Before It’s Over was the song I chose to audition with. It’s one of my favourite songs to sing because of it’s stunning melody and beautiful lyrics. I used to think that Rose’s songs were too high for me, but actually they are placed in a very comfortable range for me which is surprising considering I used to think I was an alto! She’s such an interesting character because although Eddie really hurts her in act 1, during the second act she doesn’t let him push her around anymore. She is a really admirable character and would be so much fun to play.

  1. Cathy – Last 5 Years

I think my all time dream role is Cathy from the Last 5 Years. I was introduced to this musical by my brother, who gave me his old iPod when I was 13, with all of his existing music on it. He exposed to me to countless musicals that I’d never heard of before, and so I owe my expansive theatrical knowledge to him! I think Cathy will always be my dream role because I can’t think of any other role that I’d be as devastated about if I didn’t get it. The Last 5 Years is a very unusual musical because of the way it has been written – Cathy’s storyline is in reverse chronological order, and Jamie’s is in chronological order. Their timelines intersect at the end of act 1 during their wedding, which is the only time they interact. I love Cathy’s story, she is trying to balance love, work and a long distance relationship, all whilst singing some crazy high notes! Cathy is probably the most vocally challenging role on this list, but she has the best songs – I sang Summer in Ohio for my Grade 8 singing exam last year and had so much fun playing with my staging for it, and have decided to sing Climbing Uphill for my Diploma this year, because I’ll never pass up the chance to sing some Last 5 Years!


So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this post and share it around if you liked it!